Star Trek: Year Four #5

Star Trek: Year Four #5 (IDW – Tischman / Conley) – description from IDW – The U.S.S. Enterprise is dispatched to observe a Quark Gluon Plasma experiment at the Gemini Science Station—in orbit between two suns—in an effort to learn more about the beginning of the universe. But the formation of a black hole from the experiment’s outcome means eminent danger for Spock and Dr. McCoy who are stranded on the debilitated science station. Once again, IDW flexes it’s Terek muscles and shows that that it has caught Gene Roddenberry’s original spirit. For the fifth issue in a row David Tischman has successfully made an old Trek fan feel like he was watching new episodes of the original show. And Steve Conley’s pencils capture the perfect blend of the melodrama and action. This book is pure fun, if there is any criticism at all it would be that issue seemed to run too fast. If nothing else IDW Publishers have shown that they know how to a well established property and run with it well. Trekkies (and Trekkers for that matter) are some of the most avid fans in existence and this series has been praised almost universally by the masses.

Grade: A-

Sometimes you wonder where some independent comic companies will be 18 months from now… well, I don’t have to wonder with IDW, my bet is that they will be even further ahead in the game. The sort of quality they have put inot their Star Trek books have made me wait in anticipation for their new Doctor Who series.

More Trek to come from IDW… upcoming special issues and series:

  • 01/08 – Star Trek Alien Spotlight: The Borg
  • 01/08 – ST TNG: Intelligence Gathering mini-series
  • 02/08 – Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Romulans
  • 03/08 – Star Trek: New Frontier (Peter David)
  • 04/08 – Star Trek: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment (D.C. Fontana)
  • 05/08 – Star Trek: Assignment Earth (John Byrne) – about Gary Seven
  • 06/08 – Star Trek: Mirror Images mini-series

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