Secret Invasion Preview

Marvel Press Release – Spring brings love, life and SKRULLS! With just one month left before SECRET INVASION kicks off, check out what the invaders are up to and sneak a peak at the rest of Marvel’s awesome March 2008 lineup. And for the full list, head over to the March catalog! Back on top of the super hero world as a premier member of the Avengers, Ms. Marvel now finds herself at the forefront of the Secret Invasion! Is she fighting on the frontlines or is she part of the Skrull incursion? The Secret Invasion doesn’t end there in March! Two issues of MIGHTY AVENGERS throw Stark’s team into the mix, while big things are a-brewin’ for the New Avengers. And if you need a primer to get ready for April’s SECRET INVASION #1, the SECRET INVASION SAGA is your ticket! The time-displaced mutant Cable is on the run and charged with protecting the most important mutant in existence. Hunted by a relentless enemy, if he fails, he could doom mutantkind to extinction. Good times!

Check it out… anyone else see the Howard the Duck Skrull?

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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