Fantastic Four #552

Fantastic Four #552 (Marvel – McDuffie / Pelletier / Magyar) – “Dr. Doom has come from the future with a message: Reed Richards must be stopped now, before his ultimate Civil War plans come to fruition. What was Mr. Fantastic really doing during Civil War? The answers are finally revealed.” I said this last month, and I will say it again… in the same way that people talk about the Byrne / Claremont run on X-Men, or the Wolfman / Perez run on Teen Titans… they will talk about the Dwayne McDuffie run on Fantastic Four. This is part 2 of “The Middle of the End” story arc. We now know why Reed blew Namor’s head off. There is further explanation on the Dr. Doom from the possible Richards-led Utopian future turned dictatorship timeline. We get to see Ben go unleashed in a way that he hasn’t in years (not even in the underwhelming World War Hulk). There is clarification about idea #101 and it’s possible implications in the Marvel Universe… and a fantastic cliffhanger ending. This story rocks and the art is fantastic. This book is a prime example of why people buy Marvel Comics! Is it a glorious thing to see comic’s first family return to a book worthy of it’s title.

Grade: A+

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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