Chloe Sullivan makes her debut!

DC makes a huge jump in Superman #674. From DC – It’s a time of new beginnings for Superman as art sensation Renato Guedes joins the team! Plus, the superhuman mastermind Paragon is loose in Metropolis, Clark and Lois are hunting for a new place to live after the events of “Insect Queen,” and worse, they’ve got relatives coming to visit — namely, a certain blonde cousin of Lois’s from Smallville. It all sets the stage for a major new addition to the cast in next month’s anniversary issue! Can you say “Chloe Sullivan”? We thought you could… It would seem that the character that made Allison Mack a common name on geek lips will be getting her shake in the real DCU. She will be introduced in #674 but will spotlighted in #675. Smallville / Mack fans shouldn’t go too berserk with joy quite yet. The DCU “Chloe” while being inspired by the Smallville character will have it’s differences. To any long term Supes fan, or even any fan of continuity, it would seem odd that we are now only introducing a life-long friend of Clark’s, who dated Jimmy Olsen that happens to be Lois’ cousin… but with the 52 and the Great Disaster, who knows. The DCU Chloe will clearly resonate with Smallville fans, there will be easter eggs for fans and will even be easily recognizable as Chloe… but don’t look for her to be the Smallville character.

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Updated: December 19, 2007 — 10:54 pm

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