Ultimate Fantastic Four #48

Ultimate Fantastic Four #48 (Marvel – Carey / Brooks / Mendoza / Ponsor) – The set up for this issue is that Reed has isolated himself working on the cosmic cube idea (forshadowing… ooooh scary kids!) and from that, Sue got her dander up and went on a research project alone. At some point you would think Sue would just get used to Reed’s blockheadedness.  Well, don’t you know it, they are bad guys waiting for her. There is a ex-soviet scientist looking to to combine Sue’s DNA with his dead wife to resurrect his love (a spooky modern version of Red Ghost). After Sue’s plane goes down, in a 45 Blast-type formation Reed and the rest of the FF go after her head first. Along with some slightly stilted dialogue (nothing new for Ultimate fans) , you have an aged Crimson Dynamo, intelligent bears and a double-crossing, eco-terrorist femme fatale side-kick… it’s altogether a fun ride, but nothing that really grips the reader. On a positive note, the story is getting a little bit more action-based and the art is pretty competent. It’s been a tough year for UFF readers, issue #48 shows some promise in a positive direction.

Grade: C+

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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