The All-New Booster Gold #4

The All-New Booster Gold #4 (DC – Johns / Katz / Jurgens / Rapmund) – DC’s summary – The critically acclaimed smash hit of the decade continues! (Hey, we’re optimists!) Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Barry “The Flash” Allen and Wally “Kid Flash” West are stranded in time with a broken cosmic treadmill, and hot on their tail is the murderous… Supernova? Plus, what’s going on with Dan Garrett — the Golden Age Blue Beetle? This does continue to be one of the best new books of the year. This issue unmasks who is behind trying to undo the origins of the some of DC’s major heroes, and who is donning the Supernova outfit. Rip and Booster are able to bring this master-mind’s scheme to an end, but with what repercussions? Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz once again do an extraordinary job of laying out a fantastic plot that engulfs Flash history, Classic Blue Beetle and the often-overlooked Rip Hunter mini series “Time Masters” (watch for the trade coming soon!). While it is a fantastic ride, this series seems like it might be riding towards some repetition and formulaic predictability. Only time will tell, as the next issue our time traveling heroes go from trying to fix time to change it as they take on the Joker in the modern classic “Killing Joke” and try to save Barbara Gordon from getting shot.

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A

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Updated: November 21, 2007 — 2:05 pm

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