Pullbox Preview: Snaked #1

Snaked #1 (IDW – Meth / Cockrum / Dayglo) – The Renaissance of the Horror comic continues, with IDW Publishing continuing to be a front runner. First, they gave us the modern classic 30 Days of Night and now Snaked! Snaked is a story revolving around Bill Timmons, a dark protagonist with some pretty frightful special abilities. The story weaves back and forth in a timeline, laying out for the reader a framework of untrustworthy friends, ill relations and political conspiracies. Putting the reader in the shoes of the characters wondering who to trust. The storytelling creeps along at just the right pace, balancing both a “spooky” factor and intriguing details, reading like a very dark, scary X-files episode. Clifford Meth, who has been a writer for both Fangoria and Starlog, is no stranger as to how keep hold of an audience, keep their eyes wide open and then give them something they don’t expect. Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl) brings his unique style of art, emphasizing shadows and close-ups, to bring the perfect visual to this supernatural – horror – noir tale. For the reader that is looking for an intelligent scare, Snaked is what you are looking for. This first issue (of a 5 part series) is due out in late December. Pullbox warning: due to some of graphic action / situations in this book, this not the one to buy for the 12 year old child.

Grade: A- (for the serious supernatural / horror fan)

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Updated: November 6, 2007 — 2:35 pm

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