Pirates vs. Ninjas

Pirates vs. Ninjas (Anatartic Press – Bevard / Goodwin / Perry / Wight / Hutchison)

You don’t go into a comic called “Pirates vs. Ninjas” expecting the prose of William Shakespeare and the art of Alex Ross. Your expectations are more along the line of a John Carpenter movie marathon. I wanted to see some piratey and kung-fu action, some comedy on along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean, and tons of cheese. What I read had all of those tings in spades.

The story itself is on par with your low level D&D adventure. Two factions (the Pirates and Ninjas) are after some super-weapons. They happen to be the Blade of Disaster and the Arm of Poseidon. I’ll let you guess which weapon originated with with faction. Both groups are after the weapons and there is one guy, Kineas P. Montague, holds the knowledge of where to find the treasures and is running for his life because of it. We follow Kineas, and the Ninja and Pirate leaders, as they maneuver around to take possession of the these WMDs by, of course, killing the other guys. What ensues is nothing short of a cheese fest that tastes great. And I’m from Wisconsin, so I know about cheese fests.

A bit of a spoiler alert! What better way to raise the bar on Pirates vs. Ninjas than to bring in …you got it..VIKINGS! I could hear the voices of my Scandinavian ancestors echoing in my head as Thor and Loki argue over who gets the pretty things.

Grade: A

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Updated: November 6, 2007 — 12:23 am

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