Happy Birthday Lou!

Don't be fooled!! It only looks like he thinkingLou Ferrigno is 56 today and when a person starts to attend Comic Conventions on a regular basis, you learn one truth very early. Lou Ferrigno is notorious for being one of the biggest dorks at the Con, just ahead of Rob Leifeld, but I’ll save that for another time. What we have here is a recounting of last May’s Motorcity Comic Con. The story was originally posted on my personal blog, but as a birthday treat to Lou, I’ll post it again.

When we arrived at the Con, our press liaison, Valerie, told us that there were many people willing to do interviews for ThePullBox. She assured, in fact, that many of the Con guests were happy to do it. When we asked with whom we could talk, the first person she mentioned was Lou Ferrigno. We knew she was mistaken. Lou doesn’t talk to anyone, well not unless they pay him $20 of an over sized Mr. Universe poster from 1974.

I met a Novi cop last weekend (don’t ask how) and he told his Lou Ferrigno story from the 2006 Motorcity Con. The cop was working the Con detail, making sure, everything was on the up-and-up, and he tried talking to Lou. Keep in mind this the guy was in full uniform so there was no mistaking that he’s a public servant. Lou asked the cop for $20, the cop said, “My wallet’s in the squad”, so Lou brushed him off to talk to the 1970’s ex-porn star at the table next to him.

I digress: So Eric, ever the optimist, says he wants to ask Lou for an interview. So, we walk over to Lou’s table, where he is starring off into space wondering why he’s alone in the world, and Eric says, Hi, I’m Eric with ThePullBox.com

Okay Lou mumbled

We were told by Valerie, the press liaison, that you’d be willing to do a quick interview for our fans said Eric.

If you pay $20 for a picture I can sign it, but I’m not going on camera” Lou responded

I jumped in with, Would you be willing to just answer a few questions that we could post, no camera involved?”

Lou had to make the hamster’s wheel he calls a brain start to turn so he could understand this concept and responded:
If you buy some of my stuff I can answer a question

A question? Like one question?!? Not a couple, or a few questions!?!? I felt like asking him how to synthesize a mentholated alkaloid just to watch him have a fracking brain aneurysm!

So we walk away getting exactly what I expected, Lou Ferrigno still being a knob. The kicker is the CW station that was at the Con (the only other press I saw) must have paid their $20 because they got to talk to him. We snapped a picture of this and Lou shot our camera operator a mean look. Well, it was more like look devoid of any higher brain functioning. By the way, we’ve seen Lou try to rip a camera out of a guy’s hands for taking his picture without his permission.

Then (yes, there is more) later that that night at the pub, Lou decided to try and be a nice guy by getting up to the karaoke mic to gather the attention of the room so a guy could propose to his girlfriend. Now I’m happy for the couple, but Lou’s way of getting everyone’s attention was to yell, “EVERYONE SHUT UP! I HAVE A VERY HEART WARMING THING TO SHOW YOU!” and when the billiards table didn’t immediately respond he said, “YOU IN THE CORNNER, SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” That went over well….

Now, I was going to let this go and do the Christian thing, but a source called “The Dude” paid his twenty-bucks or was a part of the CW crew and reported this on Superherohype.com:

“I was at the Motor City Con in Detroit today, and Lou Ferrigno was there. We got to talking, and he revealed something he shouldn’t have. Basically I asked him about if he knew anything about the new HULK film, he did confirm he will be in the movie, but he will play a “big important” part in the film. I looked at him, then he said something about playing a villain, I couldn’t really hear over the loud noise. I asked him again, and he said he didn’t want to get into trouble, whatever that means.”

I call B.S.! Lou has no acting ability at all! That’s why all his rolls were either B-Movies, dubbed over, or walk-on cameos. No one would make him the major villain in anything. If he is in the new Hulk movie, then I hope we see the Abomination eat his steroid infused heart.

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