Draxx #1

Draxx #1 (Cold Stream Studios – Hudson / Harrington) – Any science fiction fan will recognize the plot and arch-types present in Draxx. At first, this story of a seasoned war veteran who is leading a spot task force against the squid and bug-like aliens bent on destroying and enslaving the human race seems like it will hit every stereotype and known plot device in the book… and it comes close. From Draxx, the loyal and stalwart leader, to the cunning female second in command who secretly is in love with her commander to the space combat dialogue to the full scale movie invasion at the end of the issue… it ‘s apparent that Chris Harrington is paying tribute to his favorite actions movie and pulp heroes. It’ not bad writing at all, just fairly predictable and melodramatic. The penciling is uniquely characterized with a combination of bold thick lines and organic curves. The art is memorable with the coloring being a superb aspect of Draxx… the choices and contrast of metallic blue and “psychedelic” colors and textures give the book that comfortable feel of a classic sci-fi movie. While Draxx as a final product might need some work, this book shows incredible promise on the part of the creative team and I would look forward to future issues of Draxx and whatever their next project might be.  Pullbox Warning:  Due to the graphic nature of some of the art (aka naked people) this should not be on your 12 year old’s list.

Grade: B

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Updated: November 9, 2007 — 3:02 pm


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  1. What were you guys thinking, giving this piece of crap a “B”?!? It deserves an “F+” at best! However, the naked ladies do help considerably…. maybe a “D”. 🙂

  2. I know that message boards are for haters, but I really enjoyed Draxx. The line art by Hudson is awesome and the color is innovative (I love the way Draxx’s face looks scarred). The plot is pretty straightforward but I think that the writer is just setting the scene for more twists and turns (I hope). If not at least I have some great art to look at.

  3. Where did you get this book? I’ve never heard of it, but I’m willing to give it a chance. Unlike you!

  4. for all the work ya’ll put into this(working through my drawing/printmaking classes) im glad u got a good review. the firstcommenter is just a hater.

  5. I’ve read quite a few independent comic books and Draxx really isn’t all that bad. It’s not perfect by any means, but the story seems to have potential and it’s produced very nicely. Certainly looks a cut above the production quality of most indie books. I also met the artist and the writer at the Baltimore Comic Con this past Sept. and they seemed like pretty cool guys. I’m excited to see the second issue, whenever it comes out.

  6. Draxx is a great book, that steve rogers guy doens’t know what he’s talking about. he was proably just upset that his art doesn’t look that good or something.
    Draxx is a compelling sci fi epic adventure that pulls out all the stops. I highly reccommend it and look forward to the next installment.

  7. i would easily call Draxx the unexpected Indie comics discovery of the year. It brazenly teeters on the edge of extreme “over the topness” but never falls off. This is a book that knows what the audience wants to see and plays to that, but doesn’t talk down to the audience. It dares to push the envelope, and alot of people may find that a turnoff, but then again i’m sure those are the same people that are offended by Frank Millers work.
    It’s also a full color book which is rare for an indie. The art is dynamic and the colors vibrant. Most importantly the story leaves you with a cliff hanger ending, quareteeing you’ll pick up the next issue.

  8. Let me begin by first apologizing to the creators of Draxx. They are both talented and creative gentlemen who have the best of intentions and have done numerous favors for me. They are fantastic artists, writers, educators, and above all, good friends. MY INITIAL STATEMENT WAS INTENDED TO BE “TONGUE IN CHEEK”… unfortunately, it was not perceived that way. I love the book, and had the unique opportunity to watch it come to fruition. So, to both artist and writer I give a heartfelt “I’m sorry!” I fully suggest that anyone reading this message board find a way to get their hands on a copy so they can enjoy the fantastic writing and imagery that the Draxx team has to offer.

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