Fantastic Four #551

Fantastic Four #551 (Marvel – McDuffie / Pelletier / Magyar) – Back when I was 12, the first comic I bought on a monthly basis was the FF, right in the middle of John Byrne’s historic run (and it was awesome – not femme vampires fighting Superman). It was good art wrapped around a spellbinding story that not only left you wanting more, but fit right in and built on the Fantastic Four mythos. I’ve said it before, in the Last ten years the FF has had it’s ups and downs with only a few story arcs that would be memorable. Well friends, I’m letting you know now… folks 20 years from now will be able to say “I started collecting Fantastic Four during the historic Dwayne McDuffie run”. There is no other description than straight out a great big “This Book Rocks!” McDuffie lays out a story that catches your attention for the first frame of the first page all the way to the wacked-out last splash page that has me wanting issue #552 right now. This issue is believable from a long term fan and fits right in with the post Civil War Marvel Universe (possibly tying into the Secret Invasion – but I hope not). Dr. Doom, from seventy five years from now comes back to the present to warn of a plan that Reed Richards puts into effect destroying the future. In a very Heroes-esque twist, Doom (who knew he would not be trusted) brought a future Namor and Black Panther with him to try to convince Reed and the rest of the family. Paul Palletier’s art stands out as superb and versatile… and paying his respects to Jack Kirby in the last panel. This book… this creative team shows that Marvel has what it takes to give the readers what they want.

Grade: A+

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:09 pm

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