Countdown Lowdown #25

Bedlam Below!

Here’s lowdown

  • Second week, that while the book is still printed under the Countdown name, the cover’s title is Countdown to Final Crisis
  • Speaking of covers… it seems that DC has has taken a page out of Gene Simmon’s playbook (didn’t know Atomic Knights came in Dominatrix flavor)
  • Firestrom, Karate Kid and crew find the way to the depths of Bludhaven to find the answers they seek (as the reader, I’m not quite sure what the questions are… or why Billy Blank has his grandson are there… absent parents?)
  • Their way is blocked by the Atomic Knights, who don’t quite explain themselves but ar epretty sure they are in the right, and a huge “fists to cuffs” ensues
  • The fight is ended by Firestorm who changes the AK air supply to ether… and he could have done that ten minutes ago, and he says that out loud
  • They find Professor Stein being tortured by Desaad (under Bludhaven?!?)
  • Desaad has a handy energy field that stops Firestorm, creates a a feedback loop (nope, not making it up)… and the scene ends with Desaad being part of the Firestorm conglomerate – truth be told, the only moment in this issue that was not predictable
  • Elsewhere, Deadshot continues to hunt Piper and Trickster… they get away by tripping one of the premier assassins in the DC universe with their elastic handcuffs (nope, not making it up)
  • Trickster spends most of this scene complaining that people will think he was homosexual when he gets killed, because of his proximity to Piper… lame overused dialogue abounds!
  • Jimmy Olsen, who is now on Apokolips, is marked to be seen by Darkseid… by a henchman with a mouth in his left eye… maybe he went as a pirate for Halloween 🙂
  • We all blinked and Mary Marvel is now charmed and also on Apokolips… brought before Darkseid by Eclipso to learn about true darkness

I was hoping with last week’s change in name, there might be a change in direction. And in last week’s issue, it did look promising… new storytelling avenues, better art, the Monitors going to war and all that. I really was hoping… nevermind 🙁

Issue Grade: D

Series Grade: C-

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Updated: November 10, 2007 — 11:45 am

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