Ruin #2

Ruin #2 (Alterna Comics – Pinchuk / Gallagher / Gallagher) – If the Pulp writers of yesteryear were alive and kicking today… if they weren’t writing Ruin, they would at least be reading it. Ruin is your classic Science Fiction / Fantasy Pulp story space opera. In Ruin, Black Zero is our reluctant hero who out to de-thrown the overlord Carnus, and in issue #2 Zero goes up against one of the evil bosses, the dark witch Goulthanas. Tom Pinchuk does a masterful job of owning this genre without letting it get stale. There are all the elements we know and are looking for in this plot… maniacal bad guy, innocence in distress, several small fights leading up to the big boss fight (look for it in issue #3), but this classic storyline is written with a fresh voice… I didn’t find myself yawning because I know what’s coming… but looking forward to how it will be set up and what details will be added. The traditional art style and coloring by Mike Gallagher is exactly what this story needed for the tale to work. If you need that Classic Flash Gordon fix (because the Sci-fi show has made you lose your cookies), then get your hands on copies of this three issue series.

Grade: B+

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Updated: October 21, 2007 — 11:14 am

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