Countdown Lowdown #27

Disasters, Great and Otherwise…

So Here’s the Lowdown

  • On Earth 8, the Challengers continue to battle Lord Havok and Monarch
  • Jason Todd guts Earth 8’s version of Aquaman / Namor and tells Monarch he is wants in
  • Monarch is unimpressed with Jason’s ability to turn sides and doesn’t trust him
  • As a sign of trust, Jason shoots Donna Troy
  • In a complete turn of events, a Countdown cover actually has to do with the story inside
  • Jimmy Olsen is on the trail of the killer of the New Gods (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)
  • Mary Marvel roughs it up with Shadowpact at the Oblivion Bar
  • When Shadowpact has the upper hand and is seems to be beating both Mary and Eclipso, the dark duo take off… leaving Shadowpact in a demolished bar
  • Holly Robinson gets more intense training from the Amazons
  • Trickster and Piper track the Suicide Squad with the help of Trickster’s “Invisibility Cloak… Just like Harry Potter” to a Checkmate hideout
  • Once inside the secret hideout, they find and free Two-Face and hear about Salvation… a place where all the DC villains are being sent by Checkmate (Enter… Salvation Run)

This is not a one week deal… Countdown is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth… I don’t know whether it’s Jimmy Olsen showing his stupid freckles again or perhaps it’s the whim at which Jason turned… or wait, maybe it was last week when a small boy befriended Brother Eye (potentially one of the greatest villains in the DCU) and made him stop fighting because he had a friend now… but Countdown is certainly no 52!

Grade: C-

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Updated: October 29, 2007 — 10:47 pm

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