Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Syndicate

Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Syndicate (DC – McKeever / Igle / Hunter) – This is one of the one-shots dealing with the New Challengers of the Unknown traveling throughout the 52 Earths in the DC Multiverse in search of Ray Palmer, who is apparently the answer to the Great Disaster that is coming. In Countdown, The Challengers traveled to Earth 3 (home of the Crime Syndicate), interacted and had a fight with the the CS and was saved by the hands of the Jokester. At that point Bob the Monitor figured out Ray was not on Earth 3 and the Challengers moved on. After the Challengers left, Monarch showed up with some very dramatic dialogue foreshadowing the upcoming Arena event in December. So, knowing that, I thought maybe this one-shot might shed some light and lay out some future events that are coming. Nah. What this issue was, was a close to complete back story for Earth 3, the origin of the Jokester and Duella Dent. So, if you are a Countdown or Titans fan and feel you are incomplete without that backstory… Sean McKeever does an excellent job fleshing it out for you. The art by Igle and Hunter does it’s part by supporting McKeever’s script. And not to mention, a complete family portrait of the Riddler Family from Earth 3 was fun too! Overall, not a bad book… but not a necessary one to follow Countdown either.

Grade: B

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Updated: October 11, 2007 — 9:38 am

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