World War Hulk #4


World War Hulk #4 (Marvel – Pak / Romita Jr.) – Bash, Boom, Bang! That’s the sound of the Hulk taking on a demon empowered Dr. Strange. The bad news is, it’s just not enough to take down an amped up Hulk. The battle itself is thing of beauty in it’s destructive force. We once again see why John Romita Jr. is a legend in his own time. Matthew Peterson of writes “Greg Pak is writing a tale with an energy that makes every scene feel like that moment where the roller-coaster drops out from under you and your stomach suddenly leaps into your neck,” and I could not agree more. His are the best Hulk stories since the Mr. Fixit days. I’m hoping that Marvel keeps him around after all the WWH things end.

I do have to voice some disappointment in this story in that it follows the Marvel formula of 4 issues of set up, 1 issue of big battle, then 1-year of outcome. In WWH #4 we see the Hulk cross a line that, frankly, I don’t buy. In all the crossovers, Marvel has been setting up that the Hulk still has compassion and will not kill. I guess that’s all shot out the window now. Consistency is good Marvel!!!

The issue closes with the obvious lead-in to Hulk vs. Sentry (really?)

Grade: B+

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Updated: September 28, 2007 — 10:09 am

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