DC Nation – Wizard World Chicago

Interesting things were brought up at the DC nation panel… in the hot seats were Dan Didio, Bob Wayne, Jan Jones, Sean McKeever and Jim Starlin

here were the highlights…

  • The Countdown book will soon change it’s title to Countdown to Final Crisis
  • Next year look for a third year of a weekly comic from DC
  • Kyle Rayner will be joining the Challengers of the Unknown, and watch for the Parallax issue to be concluded soon (GL #26, Atom #14 and then Countdown)
  • The panel was sad to hear that fans like both Pied Piper and Trickster and that we might be sad too in the not so distant future
  • “I wonder how long we can keep Mary Marvel bad?… possibly a long time” Dan Didio
  • Countdown: Arena is coming in December (4 issue one shots – weekly) where Monarch searches the multiverse to find his commanders – he will have multiple versions of the same character battle for the positions – fans will vote for the winners and determine who gets to be in Monarch’s army
  • Salvation Run is coming – a villain based book, where villains are whisked off to another planet – sounded like Beyond… will involve the whole Secret Six to Suicide Squad change-up
  • Death of the New Gods will be big, and Jim Starlin reminded everyone that Darkseid is a new God
  • when asked if there will be a trade for Young Justice (a fan fav), Bob Wayne said the only way that will happen is if you take all of your back issues and go to a bindery
  • Final Crisis is coming… 7 issue series
  • There is a new Question, but she will not have her own book, just be a supporting character
  • DC is still having issues with the Superboy trademark
  • General Zod and Christopher from the current Action Comics storyline will become regulars in the DCU
  • Resurrection of Ra’s Al Guhl! (by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini)
  • look for many Sinestro Corps spinoffs in at least the next year… and look for Blue Beetle to be involved
  • Wally’s return is a greater event than Bart’s Death… says the panel
  • Vertigo is not one of the 52
  • When asked why the new Green Arrow / Black Canary book has Conner and not Ollie… Dan Didio simply passed
  • When asked how it feels to beat Marvel out every week, Dan said that one, that wasn’t necessarily true and two, “The Best Thing for Comic fans is for DC and Marvel to be on top of the game” – totally dissing Dark Horse, Aspen and any and all other Indies
  • Only All-Star Books that are planned are Batman and Superman and the All-Star U is not one of the 52
  • Raven miniseries coming in Jan
  • a new character from a alternate Earth – the Jokester (an important someone’s father)
  • Jan Jones was given all the credit for keeping the DC books on time
  • When asked about a canon timeline for the DCU, Bob Wayne said it was unlikely
  • Nightwing and Oracle will not be getting married
  • Gotham Underground will be coming out soon – Batwoman, the Question and other supporting cast
  • Terra miniseries next year
  • Dr. Fate and Eclipso will be in Countdown to Mystery
  • Miss Martian will be joining Birds of Prey

WOW! some preview pics below

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Updated: August 14, 2007 — 1:10 pm


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  1. I think you’re confusing Miss Martian with Manhunter, who will be appearing in BoP in 2008. 😉

  2. I stand corrected… Thanks Sean!
    reading my own henscratch a few days later, not bad if that was the only mistake!

    BTW great job on the panel and all of your present projects!

  3. Holy Crap!!! Sean McKeever has read The Pullbox!!! I’m giddy now!

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