Countdown Lowdown #41

Another Fine Mess!

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • Piper and Trickster break their fall with a little help from Trickster’s levitating boots… they each have one

  • They literally fall into Gotham and go to get help from the Penguin (also in the DC spoiler poster)

  • Jimmy Olsen has created a costume for himself (a big A on his chest) and is wearing it under his “secret identity” clothes

  • Mary Marvel is being stalked by Eclipso

  • Donna Troy, Jason Todd, the New Atom and “Bob” the Monitor go into the Palmerverse in search of Ray… first stop, giant bugs and frog warriors.

  • In the wake of Amazons Attack, there is a near riot outside of the Athenian Women’s center where Harley and Holly are, due to the media reporting that Supergirl and Wonder Girl are on the amazons side and have taken down Air-Force One (in Wisconsin, no less)

  • Harley tried to calm down the crowd to no avail and almost gets herself beat to a pulp

  • When the Legion travels back to the future, Brainiac tell Karate Kid he must stay in this time and Una one of the triplicates of Triplicate Girl joins him for his mystery mission

  • The Monitor’s Multiverse history takes us through the end of 52

For my money, this book is really picking up.  Dennis Calero is doing a consistently good job and is a wonderful companion to the stroytelling team of Dini and Calero.

Issue Grade: A-

Series Grade: B

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Updated: July 19, 2007 — 3:10 pm

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