Countdown Lowdown #40

Small Wonders!

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • Jason, Donna, “Bob” the Monitor and the New Atom are hot on the trail of Ray Palmer – they find a tribe of barbarian warriors that seem to have a love/hate relationship with Mr. Palmer
  • The bug-riding barbarians see to put the Rayquest members off on the next leg of their journey to “The realm beyond this one where all things are possible”
  • Mister Action (aka Jimmy Olsen) makes his crime fighting debut, saving a newsstand from thugs
  • Marvel Mary visit Zatanna on a cruise ship where Zatanna is performing
  • Mary shows her dark side while being tempted to kill a heckler
  • Holly Robinson continues to dig around the Athenian Women’s shelter after the shelter turns down help to dark-haired single mom
  • A spy from New Genesis has infiltrated Darksied’s palace
  • Piper and Trickster get sanctuary from the Penguin
  • Oracle has a secret camera in place, and passes on the whereabouts of Piper and Trickster to… the New Question (Renee seemingly)
  • In the History of the Multiverse we learn more about the 52… some of the 51 other worlds are from Elseworld stories (Red Son, Gotham by Gaslight, Red Rain) and we also see different versions of Superman (Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth- 3, Tangent, Kingdom Come, Nazi-Supers)

This week, as seems the theme with Countdown, the issue while very intriguing when by way too fast.  The Garcia / McKenna team for the Countdown art continues to do a great job, regardless of how many story tidbit fractures we get.

Issue Grade: B

Series Grade: B-

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Updated: July 29, 2007 — 6:18 pm

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