Comic-Con Day 2 Update

Here we go with Comic-Con day 2 updates from G4.

** Back in the mid 90’s, when Marvel and D.C. Comics were more sterile than a hazmat suite after decontamination, one comic book publisher dared to be bold, brutal, and above all, bloody.

Image Comics violated taboos and pushed the industry forward by making funny books more serious and transforming what was considered a medium for children into something very adult. The entire industry owes a debt to creators like Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen and titles like Spawn, The Savage Dragon and Youngblood, to name a few.

** Super-producer Joel Silver talks with our very own Zach Selwyn about his two upcoming films:
– The Invasion – Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig headline this reimagining of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
– Whiteout – A antarctic murder mystery starring Kate Beckinsale directed by Dominic Sena (Swordfish, Gone in 60 Seconds).

** Check out this video for a look at the elusive Michael, spotted here at Comic-Con 2007. The Michael has not been seen in the wild for over a year, but they expect to make a comeback in early 2008.

** Rich Moore, one of the animators on Futurama, talks with Kevin and Olivia about the future of the show. The first movie will release in November, which is perfect for the holidays. He specifically thanks the internet for bringing the show back

** See what Clive and Michael had to say about their new movie Shoot’em Up

** Steve Carell is hilarious and he will soon be stepping into the shoe-phones of Maxwell Smart, but how does he want the movie play out? You can also sort of see The Rock there too.

** Game-makers Electronic Arts announced a new fighting game at Comic-Con yesterday. The PS3 and 360 game will feature super heroes from the Marvel Universe.

“We looked at past comic-based games to find out what was missing and what was needed to successfully translate the intensity, excitement and fiction from comics into fighting games,” said Kudo Tsunoda, General Manager and Vice President, EA Chicago. “We’re challenging ourselves to make a game that delivers on the Super Hero promises of past top-tier fighting games.”
“Featuring a great all-star line-up of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains with incredible powers that are authentic to the fiction, huge environments and a living world that keeps the gameplay fresh, every battle will be unique; every battle will be like a first edition,” added Tsunoda.

** Along with all the comic and movie news coming out at Comic-Con, some people might have missed the independent comics and fan-made movies based on comics that had some smaller showings this year. See why DIY will never die as Blair finds out why these artists deserve our attention just as much as the larger publications.

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Updated: July 27, 2007 — 11:02 pm

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