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Pulp Adventure is Alive and Well! MOONSTONE JUNE ’15 releases!

MOONSTONE JUNE ’15 releases SHERLOCK HOLMES & KOLCHAK: “Cry for Thunder” Author: Joe Gentile Cover Art: Doug Klauba 6’ x 9’, sc, 139pgs, $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-936814-87-9(5999)   The long awaited MUCH EXPANDED (over TWICE the story!) novelization of the critically acclaimed crossover graphic novel! Two of the most unique investigators of all time attempt to […]

Moonstone Pulp Novels!

DOMINO LADY: “Money Shot” novel Author: Bobby Nash, Howard Hopkins Artist: Doug Klauba 978-1-936814-83-(51195)1, 6” x 9”, 216pgs, 11.95) 978-1-936814-84-8(51195) Politics make strange bedfellows. A deadly ménage-a-trois of power, politics and money, threatens to bring 1930’s Hollywood to its knees. An assassin is hired to kill an idealistic young DA running for governor, who happens […]

Moonstone Brings New “The Saint” Adventures later this year!

The Saint: The Man Who Wouldn’t Die Author: Leslie Charteris Adaptation: Mel Odom Art: Scott Larson, Barbara Johnson Kaalberg Cover: Scott Callie 54pgs, 7” x 10”, squarebound, b/w, $7.99 ISBN: 978-1-936814-80-0 June ’14 release *Previews Exclusive! “Adventure came to him not so much because he sought it as because he brazenly expected it. He believed […]

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