Pullbox Previews Magical History Tour- Discovery of the Dinosaurs, coming soon from Papercutz

  • Magical History Tour, volume 15: Dinosaurs
  • Papercutz
  • Written by Fabrice Erre
  • Illustrated by Sylvain Savoia
  • 48pp., Full color Hardcover: $6.99/$9.99 CAN
  • Ages 7-12
  • HC ISBN: 9781545800775
  • Publication date May 8th, 2024

Join modern-day siblings Annie and Nico as they learn about dinosaurs, extinction, and the people who discovered the dino bones. Featuring jokes, brief historical bios, a timeline of events, and more in this educational and entertaining middle grade graphic novel – perfect for reluctant readers!

The MAGICAL HISTORY TOUR series  is a fun, educational journey through various different time periods and events as modern day kids Annie and Nico explore various facets of our history and how they affect us today, teaching about these topics in fun, easy-to-follow ways. From The Great Pyramid to The Great Wall of China, each volume presents a new exciting topic for Annie and Nico to explore in a fun-sized format.

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