Harriet Tubman, Demon Slayer… Any Questions?

Massive Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer, a groundbreaking comic series that fuses history and supernatural action like never before, and is the premier title in the new Kingswood imprint. This soon to be a live action series on Disney+, hits the shelves of comic shops nationwide today, September 13, 2022.

Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer explores the untold, supernatural adventures of the legendary abolitionist and hero of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman. Readers will be taken on an epic journey through time and myth as Tubman battles demons, monsters, and dark forces that threaten not only her people but the very fabric of reality itself.

This revolutionary comic series is the brainchild of David Crownson, founder of Kingswood Comics, who has masterfully crafted a story that honors Harriet Tubman’s legacy while adding an exciting new fictional dimension to her remarkable life. Working in collaboration with historian and editor Sherronda J. Brown, Crownson strove to marry the history and integrity of this trailblazer with the supernatural, making this all-new ongoing series that is wholly original and unlike anything readers have seen before.

“I’ve been extremely selective about my collaborations in this space. It was CRUCIAL for me to partner with a team that shares the values of Kingwood Comics,” offers Crwonson.  “What truly excited me about Massive Publishing, led by Mike and Kevin, is their genuine love and respect for comics and storytellers. Their remarkable achievement lies in their ability to captivate a broad audience and cultivate a dedicated fanbase from the very start of the company’s journey. I am excited and grateful that Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer can now reach a wider audience thanks to their support!”

“David is such a passionate creator and the relationship he’s built with his fans up to this point is second-to-none,” says Massive Publishing CEO and Co-Publisher, Michael Calero. “To have the chance to get his work out to a larger audience and support what he’s building at Kingwood, speaks to the core tenant of why we started Massive in the first place; to help creators reach new fans and make sure their stories were supported.”

Massive Publishing invites comic enthusiasts, history buffs, and fans of classic monsters to step into this extraordinary world where Harriet Tubman becomes a beacon of hope against the forces of darkness.

Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer is available at comic shops nationwide today, September 13, 2022. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this historic release. For more information, please visit www.massivepublishing.com.

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