Avengers… Beware the Ashen Combine!

Just in time for their milestone 60th anniversary, the Avengers will enter a new era next month under writer Jed MacKay and artist C.F. Villa, complete with a new lineup, a breathtaking mission, and deadly new enemies…


·       LORD ENNUI, an embodiment of atrophy who drains a city’s life and spirit.

·       IDOL ALABASTER, a living godhead that you’ll worship whether you like it or not.

·       CITYSMITH, an insane artist that twists cities like clay.

·       THE DEAD, a mysterious commander of ghosts.

·       MERIDIAN DIADEM, an endless dungeon who consumes, converts, and spits out prisoner after prisoner. 

The Avengers fly into action as this collection of the multiverse’s greatest monsters descends from the Impossible City to follow their respective appetites. Cityslayers all, these super nihilists pursue the assassination of metropolitan areas for sport! Each member ravages populations in their own terrifying way and their unique methods of destruction will make them a formidable match against even the powerful roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that assemble in this new run of AVENGERS! As the battlezones are declared, the Avengers scatter to defend Earth. Who will be pitted against who?

The ASHEN COMBINE won’t start wreaking havoc until July’s AVENGERS #3 but their story begins in AVENGERS #1 on May 17 when the Avengers first receive knowledge of the TRIBULATION EVENTS, a series of grand-scale disasters that will spark upheaval throughout the known universe. Unleashed due to Kang’s desperate search for “THE MISSING MOMENT,” the ASHEN COMBINE and the FALL OF THE IMPOSSIBLE CITY are one of the many extraordinary challenges that the Avengers will need to overcome as they are tested to see if they truly are the greatest heroes of all reality!

Check out C.F. Villa’s character design sheets now, and stay tuned later this week for the debut of the AVENGERS #1 TRAILER! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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Updated: April 13, 2023 — 9:14 am

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