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Izneo is the first global online comic platform. Accessible at all times on all reading media (PC or Mac, Smartphone, Apple tablet, Android and Windows and now Nintendo Switch and Nvidia Shield). The service guides the user through the discovery, acquisition and reading of an extensive catalog covering all comic genres: European comics, US comics, Manga, WEBTOON, Graphic Novels and children’s comics. With new releases every week, izneo provides readers the most appropriate advice and the best experience when reading and choosing digital comics. Created in 2010 at the initiative of major publishers, izneo grants its users the access to the largest comic book catalog. Izneo services are tailored to all budgets through: regular promotions, free volumes, unit sale and the subscription. Izneo is available
in French, English, German and Dutch.

Izneo is thrilled to announce that from now on new chapters from Kodansha best-selling manga series will be available in English on the same day they are published in Japan (“simulpubs”). Chapters will be available on all izneo’s applications (from PC or Mac to Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android) which make the reading experience more enjoyable and completely adaptable to the mobility needs of today’s users. Among them, fans will be able to “simultaneously” read hit series like EDENS ZERO, Attack on Titan or A Sign of Affection. Additionally, readers will have the access to more than 300 chapters, this will make it easier for them to discover new series or to catch up before the release of the following chapters.
This initiative follows izneo main beliefs and objectives:

  • Legal Manga should be accessible to everyone: izneo ensures the access to a large legal offer in an easy way as readers can read without being interrupted by promotions. Moreover, simulpub provides an additional ground for tailoring reading to all budgets as users will be able to choose between reading chapters or directly buying the volumes.
  • Digital publishing provides unique experiences: simulpub allows English readers from all around the world to read new chapters on the same day Japanese fans are buying them in convenience stores.
  • Reading legal Manga helps preserving creativity: it takes a great deal of time and effort to create a manga. By buying manga through izneo customers are officially supporting the full publishing chain and the mangakas work.
  • Importance of quality translations: simulpub guarantees the access to the most accurate translations capable of reflecting all the Japanese nuances.
  • Visuals are key for the experience: manga is an art, as such, high-quality visuals are a very important part of the experience. izneo applications allow for zooming into the scenes to better appreciate and enjoy the art and to not miss any detail of the dialogs. “We know izneo English readers will be thrilled to read their favorite Kodansha titles at the same time as Japan. English Simulpub is something we are really excited about as we have already seen how much French readers enjoy it.” said izneo’s CEO, Luc Bourcier.
  • Today’s launch includes the following series, to be released in English on izneo on a weekly as well as bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-regular basis:
    • Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card
    • Four Knights of the Apocalypse
    • Shangri-La Frontier
    • To Your Eternity
    • Wave, Listen to Me
    • Toppu GP
    • A Sign of Affection
    • The Ghost in the Shell The Human Algorithm
    • Space Brothers
    • UQ HOLDER!
    • The Heroic Legend of Arslan
    • Attack on Titan
    • ASHIDAKA -The Iron Hero
    • Drifting Dragons
    • Grand Blue Dreaming

Today’s digital and always in motion world calls for different ways of consumption. Izneo and Cinebook firmly believe comics are not only to be enjoyed in print but also digitally. Reading comics digitally allows for taking the fun everywhere and for zooming into the scenes to better appreciate the art. Taking this into account, the new episode of Lucky Luke “as seen by” is already released.

Wanted: Lucky Luke is the second tribute to Europe’s favorite cowboy done by Mathieu Bonhomme, who won two awards for The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke (2016). This 68-page volume is going to please western lovers but also Lucky Luke fans as they will not only recognize the iconic and charming cowboy but also some familiar situations. Bonhomme’s art is also remarkable as the color scheme plays an important role in the storytelling

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Updated: April 22, 2021 — 6:56 am

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