FLASH Pullbox Giveaway: The Rivers of London!

For almost 40 years, Titan Comics has been a source of amazing comics, stories, graphic novels, fiction and other licensed publishing… now is your time to be a part of that history.

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Trouble never lies far from the race track. When a flash car belonging to a young boy racer from England washes up in the Netherlands with a bagload of unusual cargo, it’s evident there is more than meets the eye happening at street races held in an Essex car park. Enter Detective Inspector Peter Grant. Fresh from suspension, he takes to the track in his orange ‘asbo’ Ford Focus to try and infiltrate the big leagues. But Peter soon finds himself sucked back into an Otherworld – a real-life fairyland!

Writers: Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel

Artist: Lee Sullivan

Publisher: Titan Comics

Softcover, $16.99, £13.99

On sale December 2020

ISBN: 9781785865862

About the Creators:

Ben Aaronovitch is best known for his series of Peter Grant novels, which began with Rivers of London. Mixing police procedural with urban fantasy and London history, these novels have sold over a million copies worldwide. Ben is also known for his TV writing, writing fan-favourite episodes of Doctor Who; ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ an episode of BBC hospital drama, Casualty, and contributed to cult SF show, Jupiter Moon.

Andrew Cartmel began a career in TV and publishing as script editor on Doctor Who in 1986. He had a major impact on the final years of the original run of the TV show. He has recently completed a comedy for the London stage, Screwball, and is also writing the Vinyl Detective series of crime novels for Titan Books; the fourth, Flip Back, will be available soon. In his spare time, he likes to do stand-up comedy.

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