IDW Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Transformers: Beast Wars

For an entire generation of Transformers fans, their first experience with “Robots in Disguise” was through the Transformers: Beast Wars television show, debuting in 1996 as the cutting edge of computer generated children’s entertainment. In 2021, IDW will honor the 25th anniversary of this monumental moment in Hasbro’s storied Transformers franchise with the launch of an all-new Transformers: Beast Wars comic book series!

Written by Erik Burnham (Transformers/Ghostbusters) with art by longtime Transformers artist Josh Burcham (whose credits include IDW’s ongoing series, Galaxies, the Wreckers saga, and much, much more), the new series will launch in February with a #1 issue containing 30 pages of story and bonus content.
The Transformers: Beast Wars comic series will welcome fans to a future Cybertron populated by scientific-minded Maximals and action-oriented Predacons. When the successor to the Megatron name steals a golden disk and a ship capable of traveling through time, only Optimus Primal and a team of Maximals — Rattrap, Rhinox, Cheetor, and a new character Nyx — can stop them.
Beast Wars was a wonderful and weird pivot from the Transformers setup to which I was first introduced. Big personalities, unexpected twists, and actual stakes all popped up regularly on the show, and those are tools that I enjoy using to build new stories,” says Burnham. “Best of all, the enthusiasm from everyone involved in this project has been so high that I’m feeling constantly inspired!”
“I’m so thrilled to be a part of this team,” says Burcham. “I was a ‘90s kid and even though I knew about Generation 1, Beast Wars was really my G1. It’s still my favorite iteration, and I consider it such a privilege to be able to bring the characters to life in this brand new series. Let the Beast Wars rage on!”

Beast Wars is a beloved part of the Transformers legacy,” says editor David Mariotte. “That’s why we couldn’t pass up launching a new series in tandem with the 25th anniversary! Erik and Josh are going to take everything that’s beloved about Beast Wars — the characterization, the drama, the jokes — and start fresh with a series that will feel at home for fans of 25 years and first-timers alike.”
Transformers: Beast Wars #1 will be available with multiple cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy, including Cover A by series artist Josh Burcham, Cover B by Fico Ossio (Optimus Prime), and two Retailer Incentive editions featuring art by Dan Schoening (Transformers/Ghostbusters) and Nick Brokenshire (Star Wars Adventures), respectively.
For information on how to acquire copies of Transformers comic books, please contact your local comic shop or visit to find a store near you.

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