Get ready to Back this! Deepstalker Crow

Deepstalker Crow is the next project coming out of Dark Sand Oasis Productions (Antonio Cooper – head writer and owner). It looks fantastic!

Synopsis: Deepstalker crow is a 22 page comic that tells the blood drenched tale of the infamous houses of monster hunters, known as Deepstalkers. Broken into 7 houses, we follow the trails and tribulations of Mercy from house of the Crow. Born (or created?) physically weaker, and with a higher Blood Corruption Levels (BCL) than normal, she has to fight tooth and nail against the monsters within this world to prove that she is worthy of the family name Crow. 

     With her days seemingly limited, thanks to her BCL, will she be able to help keep the people of The East against the ever growing number of mythological creatures attacking the defenseless, perhaps die unloved and unwanted in an unmarked grave, or worst of all, turn into the very monsters her fought against, killing those she swore to protect.

Check it out and get ready to back it here!

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