Pullbox Previews: Adventure Finders Adventures #3

Writer(s): Rod Espinosa
Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa

 Our Story So Far

Our heroes discover that the army of orcs that waylaid their caravan some weeks ago now have the Biverius clan members and many others captive.

Together, they all decide to try and rescue them.

But it will not be easy. The Verbolg orc army is encamped in a huge valley… and the prisoners held in an old abandoned mine being used by the leadership as their headquartes.

Bielsica finds them a way in through ventilation holes and they all climb and rapell down the shafts.
Dispatching guards along the way, the manage to rescue their first batch of prisoners. But the Biverius royal siblings are nowhere to be found.

Venturing deeper, our heroes finally find the captives and with guile, wit and surprise, they take the guards and the orc chief unawares and hold them all captive, reversing roles.

Lady Herminia, whom Clariette hasn’t seen in weeks, is happy to see her once again.
They could leave now, but there is one last group of people to rescue.

Against Lord Justinius’ wishes, Clariette decides to send Anana, Jolfe and Asogog down to rescue the last batch of prisoners…

And that is when things go terribly wrong!

28 pgs./ T / FC   $2.99 (Digital-First)

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