C2E2 Spotlight: Johnny & The Greg Podcast

Hey there true believers… hmmm… okay I’m know that’s a stolen opening but what can I tell you? I’ve been a life-long Marvel zombie and I’m super pumped it’s C2E2 this week! The Pullbox will do it’s best to celebrate the creators while we are on site. But why wait to celebrate?

This week The Pullbox will be celebrating creators you can meet at C2E2 all this week leading up to the big weekend in Chicago!

Starting off our Spotlight series is a podcast put together by two men who were college roommates and decades later still have connected vibes!

Johnny & The Greg Podcast (yes, the very same The Greg from The Pullbox) – ” Join Johnny and The Greg as they take on various topics and host a mix of guests as they see where the conversation takes them. It’s a podcast born of random conversations from current events, news, sports, entertainment, religion, to those random questions you ask yourself when no one is around. You can catch #TopicThunder every Monday at 11am ct for short talks on a random topic of the day and their longer #FreeflowConvo on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. “

Subscribe to their mayhem here! Follow them on twitter here!

You can meet both Johnny & The Greg on Friday at C2E2

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