Artist Spotlight: Camron Johnson (At Wizard World Chicago… check him out!)

At first glance, you might look at some of Camron Johnson’s work and think, “ooh… so angry.” And then you look at it a little more and you spend some time wondering how in the world one person can spend so much time with all of those little details. Johnson hit my radar back in 2016 at a Mighty Con in Milwaukee. I picked up his self-published title, My Neighbor (review), which was a sort of dystopian vigilante story about a group of mercenaries doling out justice for hire. A couple years later I got hold of his supernatural western splatterfest, Bone Check (review), which reminded me a lot of some of the titles in the 80’s featuring twisted characters like Evil Ernie.

With all of the work Johnson puts into his comics, what kinda shocked me when I spoke to him was his admission that comics aren’t really his goal. What he’d really like to do is get some work as an illustrator in books like Harry Potter… children’s books, young adult, any book that needs a fantastical, heavily detailed series of illustrations to help bring the story to life. Looking at the kind of scrolling detail, the part of his work that Johnson says he really loves, it’s actually a little tough to imagine him not being able to find his dream gig.

Camron Johnson’s going to be Wizard World Chicago this year, and I’m planning on making a stop or two at his booth in Artist Alley (Table D18, according to his Instagram). If you’re planning on attending the con, swing by and take a look at his work. He’s sure to have prints, copies of his books, and maybe a sketch cover comic or two laying around. If you’re not going to be in Chicago this weekend, don’t fret. Hop over to his website and look around. He’s got the stuff.

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