Gen Con 2016 Spotlight: RPG Coasters

Gen Con 2016 Spotlight:

RPG Coasters by Alex Ingram


Allow me to preface the majority of this spotlight by stating: All images were quickly snapped on my phone in the midst of the mobs of Gen Con attendees, including vying for room in a very popular booth.

That said? Go to, as the quality of these products really speak for themselves. The quality, coupled with an incredibly affordable price point, and massive potential for customization, make these a must-have for every gaming table. I cannot stress enough the raw quality and incredible detail etched into every customization-ready coaster.

I myself am a fan of woodworking, which you may have picked up on between the Elderwood Academy Spotlight, and this one, and allow me to say these coasters are etched with the highest amount of detail I think can be physically etched into wood.

Furthermore, the variety of available designs is staggering, and each are so incredibly appropriate to the designated class being represented that the greater dilemma than “if” to buy one, is how many to buy and specifically which designs!

They also make a great gift. Want to reward your gaming party with something that cements them as a group? How about a coaster with their class and character name etched into it? How about thanking your Game Master with the Game Master coaster? With or without customization, these make amazing gifts or classy accouterments to make your gaming table a step above the rest.

20160806_151529[1] 20160806_151519[1]20160806_151524[1]

Between the price and the quality, I can’t imagine a die-hard group of gamers not wanting to show their group loyalty or their character pride by picking these up.

~ Myke

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