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Leaves fall from the trees, and our characters are falling into madness, despair, or dungeons underground! In the horror miniseries written by El Torres, Straitjacket, Alex Wagner doesn’t believe anymore in the monsters that feed on sanity… doesn’t she? Again, with the awesome artwork by Guillermo Sanna!

And our most beloved outlaws of the fantasy world of Gerada are falling, too… into the infamous Hole of Despair! Rogues! Odd Parenthood, art by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora, is being reordered, and you totally should get it. The funniest adventure of rogues, warriors, dungeons and wizards (no, we don’t have dragons in this one, try Rogues: The Cold Ship!)

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Straitjacket #3

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Guillermo Sanna

“I can’t speak to my brother. No, don’t tell me he’s dead. I know he’s been dead for years. But he has never been this silent.”

Alexandra Wagner is confined in an expensive asylum. She murdered her brother when she was child and has been jumping from an institution to another. She believed she protected of our world against strange monsters, with the help of her deceased brother in the Otherside. That was before. Now she feels better, thanks to pills and therapy.
The monsters are feeling better, too.

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UPC Code: 708022654101-00311
32pgs, black, white and red (3 of 4) $3. 99

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ROGUES! Vol. 4, #4: Odd Parenthood

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Nacho Tenorio & Sergio Mora
Color by: Verónica R. López
Cover Artist:Nacho Tenorio & Sergio Mora

“That’s what happens when you mess with the noble folk!”. Bram and Weasel failed in rescuing the baby —who is the Gerator’s firstborn, heir to the throne of Gerada. Well, they failed —as if you didn’t see that coming.
Now our couple of outlaws face an uncertain destiny. Well, not as uncertain as they were tossed in the Hole of Despair!

The Hole of Despair! Sounds… despairing, right?

The amazing artist Nacho Tenorio (Army of Darkness, Dark Shadows) with his fellow Sergio Mora do the art along with the colors by Veronica R. Lopez, and again with words by El Torres, introduce us in an all-new Rogues story! Each volume in the Rogues series can be read independently of the previous ones… but if you don’t want to miss the fun, I’d get all of them!

UPC Code: 700598854251-00411

32pgs, FC (1 of 5) $3. 99

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