Indiegogo: H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu in Colour!

unnamed (7)Swiss artist Michael Zigerlig (Transfusion Publishing, IDW) has launched a full color Cthulhu story that has drawn the attention and support of some creative heavy hitters. Zigerlig’s creative group includes H.R. Giger’s wife, Carmen Giger-Scheiffele; Batman artist Kelley Jones; filmmaker Brian Yuzna; and noted Lovecraft artist Nick Gucker. The goal is to get the ball rolling with Call of Cthulhu and continue on, creating a library of Lovecraft stories. Contributors to the cause can choose from amazing perks like posters, art canvases, phone cases, mugs, backpacks, skateboards, custom illustrations, signed limited prints and much more. The minimum pledge is $1 and every contribution will include a digital copy of the finished product as well as a high resolution file of a 3D Illusion Cthulhu Stand as well as a manual on how to build it. Curious as to what it looks like. Check out Ready to donate to the campaign? Go to

What others are saying about this project:
“A very interesting and attractive take on Lovecraft…”-Clive Barker (Hellraiser, Jericho, Dread)

“Michael`s artwork has a closed atmosphere which is full of details. His technique reminds me of my own early work and fits the story about the great high priest Cthulhu in a very original way. His handling of the story is impressive, he shortened the story but kept it authentic by using Lovecraft`s original text. “-H.R. Giger (Alien, Species)

“In his hallucinogenic interpretation of the Lovecraft mythos Michael Zigerlig has realized a fantastic visual obsession. Terrifyingly beautiful. mesmerizingly decorative. Horror has never looked so good. using the graphic novel format Zigerlig has given us a unique interpretation of an iconic literary work.”-Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator 1-3, Dagon, Crying Freeman)

Zigerlig explains “All proceeds are going to the cost of production of this book. We have definitely begun production, but we need your help to finish it. Help a Great Old One rise again!”

About Michael Zigerlig:
Michael Zigerlig began his career at the School of Art in his home of Bern, Switzerland. After his apprenticeship as a grapic designer, he started working as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist and had his first publication in 2010 with H.P. Lovecraft`s “Call of Cthulhu” by Transfuzion Publishing with an introduction by friend H.R. Giger. Additional 2010 illustration credits include the short story “Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Moulin Rouge”, written by Gary Reed and published by Transfuzion Publishing and IDW Publishing, and the short story “The Book by H.P. Lovecraft”, which was published by Aklopress in the compilation “The Aklonomicon”. He has worked with Producer/Director Brian Yuzna for several of his Projects.
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