Pullbox Reviews: Jupiter #1- Wrestles With Demons

11082249_828221667251590_5452357844706504314_o (1)Jupiter #1 (Drew Askew / Ink & Booze)

If you’re looking for something a little left of center… No, even more left of center than that. More… Hold on, are you even trying? Okay look, you’re gonna have to really lean into it, cuz this book is bizarre.

Jupiter, our erstwhile hero, is a private investigator, battler of the supernatural, and Luchadore wrestler. As a wrestler, Jupiter had no equal. In his own words, “I was one of the greats. A born natural at jumping off things, and driving my elbows into other things.” He had it all… Fame, fortune, a lucrative movie deal, but then a fateful encounter with an ancient Aztec changed everything. Jupiter found himself magnetized, in tune with the supernatural world around him.

Equal parts urban fantasy, detective noir, and goofball satire, Jupiter is a book that will find an audience somewhere. And it should. While it may not appeal to the traditionalists out there, it brings a lot of solid writing and wit to the table. If you think any of this sounds like it might be for you, this a comic to give a look at.

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