Dark Horse Advises on How to Pass as Human.

This October, in preparation for the inevitable takeover by our robot overlords, Dark Horse Comics endeavors to help androids and artificial intelligences hide among us with How to Pass as Human, an illustrated novel by the critically acclaimed author Nic Kelman.

Illustrated by Pericles Junior with a gorgeous cover by Terry Dodson (X-Men, Ghost), the novel takes the form of a field guide written by Android Zero (a.k.a. Zach), who helpfully provides sketches, graphs, flow charts, and further information on how androids can pass as human completely undetected.

Holding a bachelor’s in brain and cognitive science from MIT, Nic Kelman is not only an acclaimed prose novelist but also an accomplished screenwriter, with original screenplays sold to Steven Spielberg, Roland Emmerich, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Warner Bros. Pictures, and more. Sure to appeal to fans of The Zombie Survival Guide, How to Pass as Human puts a new spin on a science-fiction tradition as a curious android questions his own creation and explores the purpose of his existence.

Releasing in October, How to Pass as Human will be available for $19.99. Preorder now from Amazon.com,Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or your local comics retailer.

How to Pass as Human
Nic Kelman (W), Pericles Junior (A), Terry Dodson (Cover)


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