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Cinderella Age of Darkness #3

Written by Pat Shand

Art by Ryan Best

Colors by Thiago Dal Bello

Letters by Micah Myers

Edited by Nicole Glade

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 1/14/15

Cinderella is a blood thirsty sorority girl who has a supernatural prowess with a blade.  When she botches an assignment for the Dark Queen, she gives Cindy one simple mission – a mission no one expects her to complete. Hades has launched a one man assault on the Dark Horde and manages to take out the Limbo Queen before retreating. Cinderella makes plans to lure Hades to a ball, where the two will finally have their vicious showdown.

The FINAL ISSUE in the Cinderella Age of Darkness Series.

Cinderella_03 Cinderella_03_cover C Cinderella_033

Wonderland #31

Written by Erica J. Heflin

Art by Manuel Preitano

Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti

Letters by Christy Sawyer

Editor:  Pat Shand

Price – $3.99

Release Date: 1/14/15

Calie Liddle, as the White Queen, seeks to transform the tainted realm of Wonderland back to its original glory.  Last year, Violet Liddle became the new Mad Hatter of Wonderland.  Because of her control over her power, she was able to suppress the madness within and maintain her sanity.  But what happens when a girl whose destiny lies in Wonderland attempts to live a normal life on earth?

WONDER031_cover Digital WONDER031_page 3 WONDER031_page 6


Tales from OZ #6:  Zamora

Written by Jeff Massey

Art by Mario Del Pennino

Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar

Letters by Corey Breen

Editor:  Nicole Glade

Price – $3.99

Release Date: 1/14/15

Welcome to OZ and the characters within.  Zamora is the evil witch who brought OZ to its knees.  Now, see her before the corrupting black magic twisted her into a monster.

TFOZ06_cover C TFOZ06_page 6 TFOZ06_page 8

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