Pullbox Reviews: Big Trouble in Little China #1

For decades fans of “Big Trouble in Little China” (BTiLC) fans have been clamoring for a sequel. If not a sequel, then just the further adventures of Jack Burton and the Pork Chop Express. The nostalgia holding tight to just about every media outlet, BTiLC creator, John Carpenter, has partnered comic book writer and child of the 80s, Goon creator Eric Powell to create something special.

The hard luck every-man hero, Jack Burton, is back on the open road after the Big Trouble of the film and immediately thrown back into a world of chaos made by Lo Pan. After returning to town with a new hairy friend in a little t-shirt, Burton sneaks into Wang Chi’s  wedding, which does not go as planned, and is back to fighting the supernatural hordes from various hells.

Powell’s dialog plays with the elements of the original source material and provides the same kinds of humor we love from the film. What’s most impressive is how Powell nails Burton’s voice through word bubbles. The comedy of Burton comes from him just being himself. He’s a trailer park kind of guy put in strange situations, and his reactions are classic.  He’s a man with no home, except the one in his truck and that suits him just fine.

Brian Churilla art gives us something more akin to a Saturday Morning Cartoon version the the characters then a straight knock-off the Kurt Russel, but that really works here.  Unlike the books multiple covers that go for the photo real kind of look.  BTiLC has always been part comedy and part action, so the style Churilla is choosing really works here.

Some people think it might be “too little, too late” for a book like this, but I couldn’t disagree more. From when the book was first announced and I heard the Powell and Carpenter were on board, I was in movie/comic nerd heaven. I tried to pry a few details from Powell at C2E2, but he was mum on the topic. I so happy he was because this experience is well worth it.

Bottom Line: A worthy successor the the film

Grade: A+

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