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Greg here! The Con*Quest Adventure Journal didn’t seem like something I should have fell in love with, but I just can’t help myself.

As most geeks can tell you, a Comic Con is a cornucopia of artist, writers, cosplayers, celebrities, swag, merchandise, weird products you didn’t know the world needed (caffeinated M&M-like candy?), and photos galore. But how does a nerd keep track of all their awesome encounters? As a grown man I can tell you there is a snowballs chance I’m pulling out scrap booking materials.  Lucky for me the Con*Quest Adventure Journal takes care of all that.

Built from a sturdy canvas binder, the journal is filled with prepared pages for your convention memories (high quality paper too!). Sections for autographs, panel notes, sketches, business cards, memory pages, and even a section for the city your visiting. This AND a black Sharpie for you to utilize. The creators of this journal are obviously fans and experienced con goers. As another added bonus, it comes with an awesome tote bag the came in very handy for the little things you don’t want to un-sling the pack back for. These guys know what the people want!

What hit me the most from looking through the product was the usefulness this would be with younger nerds/geeks. I am a father of young children and I for now I do not want to take them to a comic con for a few reasons. 1) It’s me time….I don’t go hunting for fishing trips like other dads. I go to comic con to hunt for comics, merchandise, and to hang out with my friends sans-kids. 2) I am an overprotective dad who would worry about where my kids are every second I was there and wouldn’t be able to relax. 3) I love 95% of what’s at a comic con. But let’s face it, it ain’t all kid friendly. The Con*Quest Adventure Journal would give younger kids a focus for their con experience. A mission for them to complete while enjoying there time. Multiple little nerds could make it a competitive day or a team effort. There are possibilities abound!

Bottom Line: While I think this is defiantly a niche product, the uses and usefulness are obvious. I could see many con patrons making this booth their first stop of a fun filled con weekend.

Grade: A



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