Halloween Man #1!

After thirteen strong years as a cult-favorite webcomic, “Halloween Man” is rolling into comiXology and Monsterverse with a new ongoing series. After a decade of smashing the troupes of Gothic Horror and Weird Science, our half-dead hero is taking on High Fantasy! Sailing through outer space in a Viking warship and arriving on ape-back, the dwarf king has come to burn Solar City to the ground. It’s the undead vs. the under-sized as Earth’s Weirdest Superhero rushes to save the day.

This offbeat, action-packed story is brought to you by series writer/creator Drew Edward, artist/graphic designer Sergio Calvet (Magic of Myths, The Dark of the Forest), and editor Russell Hillman (Fast & Frightening — A Comic About Roller Derby).

Featuring back-up comics pulled from Halloween Man’s long webcomic run and packing more thrills than a big budget blockbuster, this is your must read digital comic this week.  All for the low-price of $2.99! Brought to you by Monsterverse!

Check MONSTERVERSE: http://monsterverse.com/ and find HALLOWEEN MAN on Comixology https://www.comixology.com/Monsterverse/comics-publisher/388-0
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