Pullbox Review: Scratch9 – Cat of Nine Worlds #1

scratch9-9-worlds-issue-01-cover-01-eastman-variant-533x800Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds #1 (Hermes Press – Worley / Buchanan)

Scratch’s Site blurb – “Cat of Nine Worlds” launches Scratch, a cat with the ability to summon any of his nine lives, into an all-new, monthly adventure filled with surprising twists. Fans who picked up last summer’s “Cat Tails” anthology know that Scratch’s nemesis, Dr. Schrödinger, is back. This time he’s not alone. The mad scientist has allied himself with Strick, who fans will first see in the FCBD special. Strick will prove to be our hero cat’s most formidable enemy.”

This new series continues the adventures of the world’s greatest Super-powered Cat! (sorry Streaky)  Scratch is back at full force, protecting his good friend Penelope and the world at large from the evil plans of Dr. Schrödinger and his nefarious organization C.R.U.E.L.  Scratch has fought this baddie and knocked him back at every turn, but the foul Doc has a new ally in his corner… hopefully Scratch and his nine lives has enough strength and wisdom to stop him

Author and creator Rob Worley continues to hit the mark and synthesize wild sci-fi adventures and fun archetypal characters in this family-friendly melodramatic action series.  I have been a fan of both Scratch and Mr. Worley for years – Scratch is far and away one of the most enjoyable all-ages comics available!  Imagine if you took your five favorite Saturday morning cartoons, took everything that was cool about them and syphoned all those characteristics into a single book – it would be Scratch.  The art team for book (illustrator – Joshua Buchanan and colorist – Digikore Studios) does an equally brilliant job with the visuals.  The book has, in all the right ways, an animated feel to it.

Watch for the Free Comic Book Day edition and Issue #1 is coming in June

Grade: A+

The Bottom Line: Readers of all ages will love this – you should pre-order Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds today!

“Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds” #1 is available for pre-order from the April Diamond Previews catalog (ordering code #APR141255/APR141256). The book ships in June.

For more information about Scratch9 visit http://www.scratch9.com

For more information about Hermes Press visit http://www.hermespress.com


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