Misfits of Avalon is coming in 2014 from Dark Horse

MOAV1 CVR 4x6Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101Fame and MisfortuneCautionary Fables and Fairy Tales) is bringing her young adult graphic novel series Misfits of Avalon to Dark Horse this fall, and starting today, McDonald will release the book online for free!

McDonald will release her graphic novel digitally on her website, KelMcDonald.com, at the rate of one page a weekday until the release date in bookstores.

“I think part of what makes Misfits of Avalon special is that it is taking the magical-girl genre, which is very focused on the feminine, and combining it with girl characters who don’t entirely fit what we think of as girly,” noted author Kel McDonald.

In Misfits of Avalon, four modern-day, misfit teens are reluctant recruits to save the mystical isle of Avalon. Magically empowered—and chained to the task—by a set of rings and directed in their mission by a tight-lipped talking dog, they must stop the rise of King Arthur. But as they struggle to get used to their powers and each other, they’re faced with an even greater challenge: the discovery that they may not be the good guys in this story . . .

McDonald’s long-form, ongoing web comic, Sorcery 101, is about a chain-smoking sorcerer learning magic from a bigot vampire. It’s a mix of comedy and drama, and new material can be seen every Monday.

Misfits of Avalon is on sale in comic shops everywhere on October 8 and bookstores on October 21!

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