Dark Horse to introduce “Starting Points” jump-on issues!

At this year’s ComicsPRO annual meeting, Dark Horse listened directly to retailer feedback on how to spark interest in monthly series, in hopes of bringing in new and lapsed readers. In June, Dark Horse begins the Starting Points program, a new way to dive into great ongoing series!

Each month, Dark Horse will highlight an issue in an ongoing or long-running series that is a great place for readers to try something new! Starting Points titles will be noted in Previews with a special logo and incentivized for increased orders.

June’s Previews will launch this program with two great ongoing series: Mike Mignola’s Abe Sapien and Captain Midnight, a key title in Dark Horse’s ever-evolving Project Black Sky line of books.

In Abe Sapien #13, the amphibious Abe is haunted by guilt over the staggering death toll in Arizona and vows to never let such horrors happen again—until a crazed healer and a frog-possessed teen block his path! If you haven’t been keeping up with Hellboy’s one-time partner, there’s never been a better time to get onboard with this ongoing series cowritten by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie, with art from Sebastián Fiumara!

Meanwhile, Captain Midnight #12 kicks off a brand-new arc! Reeling from the death of one friend and the betrayal of another, Captain Midnight throws himself into his work. Disillusioned with why he wears a costume, the time-traveling hero ponders what the world needs more of: the brawn of Captain Midnight or the brains of his civilian identity, genius inventor Jim Albright.

Dark Horse will offer retailers an additional 10% discount for orders exceeding 110% of the previous issue!

Look for one Starting Points title in the catalog each month, with evolving incentives and promotional support to help retailers bring new readers in to great Dark Horse series!


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Updated: August 31, 2014 — 3:06 pm

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