Pullbox Review: B.A.R. Maid #4 – Zenescope continues to expand it’s awesomeness!

JAN141460B.A.R. Maid #4 (Zenescope – Brusha / Moore / Shand / Bear / Exposito)

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is revealed to be just the first offensive in a much grander plan. Cassidy leads the fractured remains of the rebels against their forces, but how can they stand up to a threat that is able to beat time itself?

In this issue (#4 of 5), Cassidy not only gets key information about the battle she is waging and who/what she is fighting, but she also finds out about her own past.

When it comes to high-content story-telling and eye-popping visuals Zenescope not only holds a high bar for themselves, but for the industry as a whole.  With a series like B.A.R. Maid, Zenescope shuns their naysayers and proves that they can take their talent into other realms besides fantasy.  While it is true that this series does have a sci-fi shadow attached to it (in particular with this issue), for the most part this series is a World War II action / drama told through a personal lens.  Author Pat Shand, artist Jacob Bear and the rest of the Zene-creative team prove that a change in genre is not a hurdle for their talent!

The story construction of B.A.R. Maid is pretty well-thought out and is seamless so far when read as an arc.  What makes this series particularly enjoyable is that the characters are well-structured, archetypically easy to relate to and fun to cheer for.  While the paneling is pretty traditional the overall visual feel to the art is very solid.  It is not over-the-top eye candy but still pretty delightful.  Side note / soap box here: very recently I had a debate with some comic fans that really get on Zenescope’s case for having gorgeous characters (both male and female, both good guys and baddies) but for me this isn’t any different than Hollywood.  No part of the story is taken away just because the lead is attractive – this is just giving fans and readers what they want – heroes and villains to love!

B.A.R. Maid is overall a fantastic book – It’s a great action drama with a scifi twist!  This easily could become a screen play!  Issue #4 is available now and you can probably find issues #1-3 at your local independently-owned comic store!  Or order directly from Zenescope – here!

Issue Grade: A

JAN141461 JAN141462

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