Pullbox Review: Godsend #2

GS2KHcoverDTCGodsend #2 (About Time Comics – Jiles / McLeod / Yanez)

Austin Jackson’s Life is turned upside down when a strange encounter leaves him in possession of a mysterious ancient weapon.

Austin starts his new job in Boston while continuing to try and make sense of the events that took place in Godsend #1, meanwhile, The Templar Knights’ plan to gain possession of the Blade of Power begins to unfold, Will Austin’s first encounter with a demon be his last?

About Time Comics with their series, Godsend ventures competently and brilliantly into territory where many bigger publishing companies have fallen flat.  Godsend is a supernatural pro-Judeo-Christian themed adventure story that has great characters, a suspenseful plot and a good amount of well played-out action… all without insulting their audience.

Issue #2 follows Austin as he acclimates to his new town, a new job and meets a possible new romantic interest – while also trying to figure out how to he became a symbiotic wielder of an ancient weapon of Holy power.  Austin is having a rough week – he has secret societies, a demon horde, a nosey brother and office boredom all on his tail – he is just beginning to realize that it may take more than his own wisdom and will to survive!

The story is precisely structured, excellently paced and feels like it would transition easily into a weekly TV serial.  Author Peter McLeod more than delivers with an entertaining yet well-constructed plot that has equally likeable characters.

The art of the book is great but very solid and very traditional – the art team led by Oski Yanez does a more than competent job of creating a visual framework that is well-oiled track for the story to flow over.

Grade: A

The Bottom Line: A great Indie book that is both adventuresome and entirely family-friendly!

You can order Issue and #1 and #2 here

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