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Not too long ago, I posted a review of a comic that used almost no dialogue and told the story completely through the art.  I wasn’t too impressed and feel bad because I like the creator so much.  In that review I stated that, in my opinion, to tell a story with nothing but art can be extremely difficult for creators to pull off.  I’m happy to report the Gustavo Duarte has not only pulled it off, but has done so with artistic style and flair.

This is a book you will show to your non-comic book reading friends.

Out of the three stories (Co!, Birds, and Monsters!), Monsters! has to be my favorite. The art is beautiful in the entire book, but I really loved how it came together in Monsters!. I’m not sure I can explain why, but I just found it so eye catching.  The waves of the water, the individuals in the cities, and the monsters themselves had my eyes looking at every detail.  How many times do you read a monthly coming and just glace at the art as you read the text? In Duarte’s book, your eyes can focus in on the art. He forces the reader to piece the story together through infrancing and reason. This would make a great addition to any English curriculum (remember, we’re professional teachers by day).

In short: $12.99 is a small price to pay for that much awesome.

Grade: A

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