Kickstarter: Resurrectionist – A Werewolves Legacy reborn!

LookingLand’s Here There be Monsters Press announced Thursday the soft launch of their kickstarter project Resurrectionist. A unique vision of the Werewolf mythos by brother and sister team Jaime (art) and Elena Carrillo (writing) was over-funded by thousands of dollars with just the initial concept, and is now garnering rave reviews. The book is based on a real sect of Crusaders from the 12th century re-imagined as werewolves ordained by God to consume dead sinners on the battlefields. The book is formatted as illustrated fiction and is available with color plates in both digital and print formats

Jaime Carrillo is a published artist with work featured in Heavy Metal magazine, Wizards of the Coast, Marvel, Fantasy Flight Games, Bravado USA, Global Merchandising Services and The Travel Channel and Elena Carrillo is an award-winning writer who has been published in the Indiana Review, Voces Fronterizas, The Southwestern Writers Anthology, The Road Monologues, and more. Together they have produced numerous illustrated books through their Here There be Monsters Press, including the series Eleison (ongoing) and Jack (2010).

About Resurrectionist:

Resurrectionist is a story about legacies, honor, and the changeful nature of all things. Teodors Lind is a centuries’ old Hound of God; a creature ordained to save souls by eating the flesh of the damned. But the world is industrializing; science is overtaking superstition and the secret Order to which he belongs has long since lost its way. He hides in plain sight with his wife and children, but he can never escape the purpose for which he was wrought or give up the Brotherhood to which he was bound. In the small town of Clement, Pennsylvania, evil stalks the streets, fear rules, and Teodors invites the horrors of his past into his home even as he tries to keep it all well behind him. (150 pages full color)

What Famous Monsters had to say:

In addition to being an illustrated novel, which is something the world absolutely needs more of, RESURRECTIONIST is a bloody good time that is not only full of great werewolf art, but genuinely thrilling, and penned in descriptive language that does justice to the story’s grimy alleys, morgues, and cemeteries. Nothing is done to make the book palatable for a wide audience—it’s violent, name-heavy, and full of religious references. This is dark stuff, people. Dark, and extremely good. -Holly Interlandi, Famous Monsters

About Here There Be Monsters:

Here There Be Monsters is a small press dedicated to publishing illustrated supernatural series. It is owned and operated by the brother-sister team of artist Jaime Carrillo and writer Elena Carrillo.

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