Hound Comics Presents Posers #1

A super-hero is any man or woman with powers or abilities that is dedicated to protecting the public, even if it puts their own life at risk. They do this without any expectation of thanks or reward.

The Intergalactic Champion Squad, contrary to popular belief, are not super heroes. They CGI all their missions and through mass hypnosis, telepathic suggestions, bribery, and media control have convinced the world they are saving them from alien invasions on a regular basis. And they have reaped the rewards of this lie. They have all become rich and famous off of this scam. The leader of this group of scam artists, Mr. Amazing, has covered every angle that could possibly expose their lie. Everything…except aliens actually invading. Now as the world turns to their saviors to do what they’ve supposedly always done, the I.C.S. must figure out how to scam their way out of an alien invasion.

It’s hard being a super hero. It’s even harder pretending to be one.

Posers #1 is now available at DriveThruComics.com!

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Updated: May 19, 2013 — 5:27 pm

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