The Freedom Fighters are Having a Strong First Assault!

Freedom Fighters #2 (DC – Palmiotti / Gray / Moore / Scott)

It’s the war of Americana! The Freedom Fighters face the ancient threat of the Renegades, whose magic may be too much for the heroes to overcome. Has the Lost America conquered the Living America? Find out in this second issue of the new ongoing title starring the fan-favorite super-team!

I finally got to sit down and read the first two issues of this new ongoing  series.  Wowza!

Let me sum this up: I know it’s fantastic writing when I don’t really care about any of the individual characters (Ray, Lady Phantom, Human Bomb, Doll Man… they are all kinda lame by themselves) but I am dying to see the next issue.  This is the same writing team that scribed both of the previous limited series, and I am glad that DC listened to the fans and gave them their own ongoing.  Hats off to both Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray for creating a pace and environment that would draw any reader in.

The Freedom Fighters in a race to find the ancient artifacts of power run against  and accidentally release the Renegades – a group of demonic elemental spirits who were imprisoned by an army of shamans centuries ago.  This issue sees the Fighters go head to head with these creatures and basically the Freedom Fighters are way out of their league and their butt handed to them, with only Uncle Sam left to stop the rampage of these monsters.  The fight scenes are punctuated with internal dialogue from the central figure, Uncle Sam, and I believe these monologues are worth the cover price alone!

Issue #3 is out next week (Nov 3rd) – If you are not getting this series, you need to be!  Easy one of those titles that will make a comic fan out of anyone!

Grade: A

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:04 am

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