Destiny of the Dragon: The Daughters of Merlin

The Daughters of Merlin #1 and 2 (Jester Press – Hasbrouck / Porter / Guedes / Leite)

Camelot has fallen to the dragons and all is lost. Merlin has no choice, but to escape with his charges. They are the last hope to salvage anything that remains of the once mighty kingdom. They are the daughters of Merlin.  The Fall of Camelot was only the beginning.

Separated from Breeta in the time stream, Mina slams to Earth in a strange land with many unbelievable machines and sights. She has landed in modern times. Will her wizardry prove helpful in such a chaotic time of highways and the internet? One can only hope!

Jester Press will be at the NYCC and if you are going, it will be well worth your time to find their table and check out their books!

I just read the Daughters of Merlin issues #1 and 2 and they flow very well from issue to issue even though there is a definitive act 1 and act 2.  The plot is one that fantasy fans will recognize… the kingdom (in this case classic Camelot) is falling and the present heroes send the future heroes into exile so that one day they will rise and bring vengeance and victory over the enemies (in the case, the dragon kingdom).  The twist in this series is that the exile that the future heroes must endure is not hiding as a peasant or growing up feral or some other commonly used shtick, but instead they are sent into the future to prepare for war (those Marvel X-fans out there will see this as a very Cable-like plot device).  While it sounds a tad hokey, the end result is that it works and the writer Troy Hasbrouke makes it work well.  The character archetypes are recognizable but not done in a cliche manner.  The estrogen heavy group of heroes are strong yet relate-able, and certainly not over the top (I was expecting every character to be very Xena-esque) .  The art is comfortable and competent.  The facial close-ups and splash-page type action poses shine brilliantly while the frames showing small-range action (i.e., ducking into an alley or racing into a convenient store), could use some fine-tuning.

The Bottom Line: A good story and solid art… and massive potential, I’ll bet by issue #4 this series will be rockin’ in full-force!

Grade: B

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Updated: October 7, 2010 — 11:31 am

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